Monday, January 23, 2012

Proud to 'be part of something big.'

Anyone who has had the opportunity to spend time either at the Mount or with a member of our community knows there’s just something special about this place.  For many, describing the Mount in a few words proves difficult, but listening to any one of our students, faculty members, staff or alumnae will give you a sense of what we’re all about.

Over the past number of months, we’ve been listening to members of the Mount community to get a true understanding of their experience here.

For many, ‘small’ is a word that comes to mind when describing the Mount. In many ways (campus size, class size, number of students), the word ‘small’ may fit, but people in the Mount community know that being small is not what makes us special – it’s what we can do because we are small that sets us apart. 

This week, the Mount is launching a new campaign which tells the stories of students and faculty who are making the changes they want to see in the world. These stories are wonderful and real examples of the types of people you’ll find at our university. More importantly, these stories put into words exactly what the Mount offers - the opportunity to:

People who join the Mount community have aspirations to be part of something bigger than themselves. This new campaign contains so many stories and elements that I love.  One of my favourites is of a young woman named Allison Sparling, who is also the granddaughter of past MSVU Art Gallery curator, Mary Sparling. At such a young age she has found her way to a balance between a love of ‘pretty things’ and activism. After reading her story, and others, I am honoured to be part of this community.

I’ve often shared with friends and colleagues that I believe the Mount is one of the region’s best kept secrets. But now I feel it’s time to step out and be bold. To members of the Mount community, I encourage you to share your stories with all who are interested. Join the conversation through Facebook and Twitter and know how important your story is to a growing collection of perspectives that showcase our wonderful university.

For our neighbours in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, across the country and all over the world, visit our new campaign site to learn more about the big things happening at the Mount.
We’ve always known there’s something special about our university, but it’s not about lists, numbers or a collection of traits. It’s about our people and our stories, and we urge you to share your own. Be part of something big. Proudly, I am.